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Green Card and Citizenship for Children

Green Card and US Citizenship for Children

Immigration Pixie is a downloadable immigration software application for Mac and Windows that can help you prepare all the forms necessary to obtain US citizenship (or a green card, if ineligible for citizenship) for the children or stepchildren of a US citizen that are unmarried and under 21, along with detailed, custom-made instructions and a custom-made cover letter telling you what you need to include with your submission, where to file and what to expect after you file. Immigration Pixie is the fastest, most efficient way to prepare your application package, as it automatically chooses and prepares the forms you need, checks for red flags, verifies whether the US citizen petitioner meets the minimum income/asset requirements (in cases where this is necessary), verifies whether there are any potential issues that could render the children inadmissible from the United States and points you to the quickest way for your children to obtain US citizenship based on their individual circumstances.

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Immigration Pixie can also help the stepchildren of a US citizen obtain a green-card, if the marriage that created the stepparent relationship happened before the stepchild reached the age of 18.

Immigration Pixie can:

Yes, it's included! Choose and prepare all the US immigration forms that apply to your individual circumstances, including:
Yes, it's included!
Petition for Alien Relative (USCIS Form I-130 and official instructions)
Yes, it's included!
Biographic Information for Petitioner/Beneficiary (USCIS Form G-325A and official instructions)
Yes, it's included!

E-Notification of Application (USCIS Form G-1145)

Yes, it's included!
Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (USCIS Form I-485 and official instructions)
Yes, it's included!
Application for Travel Document (USCIS Form I-131 and official Instructions)
Yes, it's included!
Application for Employment Authorization (USCIS Form I-765 and official Instructions)
Yes, it's included!
Affidavit of Support (USCIS Form I-864/I-864EZ/I-864A and official Instructions)
Yes, it's included!
Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration (Form DS-230)
Yes, it's included! Prepare our own, custom-made instructions, optimized for your particular circumstances
Yes, it's included! Provide you with a copy of all US-government issued instructions for your convenience, in case you have further questions that are not covered on our own instructions
Yes, it's included! Prepare a custom-made cover letter, listing all the supporting documents you need to include with your application and where to mail them
Yes, it's included! Includes a number of useful US-government issued guides, including:
Yes, it's included!
A Short Guide for New Immigrants
Yes, it's included!
A Long Guide for New Immigrants
Yes, it's included!

Pathway to U.S. Citizenship

Yes, it's included!
Photo Specifications
Yes, it's included! Additional features provided by Immigration Pixie:
Yes, it's included!
Automatically finds the USCIS office or consulate in charge of your area of residence
Yes, it's included!
Helps you find Civil Surgeons (Immigration Doctors) in your area
Yes, it's included!
Helps you check your USCIS Case Status
Yes, it's included!
Includes free updates to reflect new immigration forms and regulations
Yes, it's included!
24 hour email support - we always love to hear your feedback or questions

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Important Note About Obtaining US citizenship for your children

There are three distinct ways for your child to obtain US citizenship, as follows:
* If the US citizen parent meets the requirement to transmit US citizenship to the child, then the child is born a US citizen automatically. Immigration Pixie can recognize these cases and prepare a consular report of birth and an application for a US passport, together with detailed instructions for submission to a US consular officer.
* If the US citizen parent does not meet the requirements to transmit US citizenship to the child, then the child needs to first apply for a green card. In many cases, the child can automatically become a US citizen as soon as he/she enters the US with an immigrant visa. Immigration Pixie can prepare all the documents for applying for a green card for your child, let you know if the child qualifies for automatic citizenship and prepare a US passport application for submission to the State Department once the child enters the US.
* In some special cases, if the US citizen parent is domiciled abroad and has lived in the US for five years or more (or his/her US citizen parent has lived in the US for five years or more), the child can obtain US citizenship through expedited naturalization, using INA 322. Immigration Pixie does not presently handle these cases, but a new version that is expected in early 2011 will fully handle cases such as these. Note that the second option presented earlier is also available for US citizens domiciled abroad that intend to return to live in the United States.

If you don't want to waste time researching the law and figuring out which cases is preferable for your circumstances and which forms to use and how to prepare them, use Immigration Pixie and get everything done for you in just a few minutes!

Why choose Immigration Pixie:

- Because it helps you save thousands of dollars in legal fees
- Because it saves you time in researching forms and legal requirements and meeting lawyers or other immigration professionals
- Because it reduces your workload as you don't have to input the same information again and again for different immigration forms
- Because unlike web-based immigration software, our software ensures that your personal information stays 100% private, as all your information stays on your own computer
- Because you don't need to purchase a serial number until the software has verified all your information and confirmed that the software is suitable for you
- Because you can't go wrong with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - or your money back!
- Because in addition to preparing forms, the Immigration Pixie software offers an excellent means to save your immigration details for future reference or to share your immigration files with others, such as relatives or lawyers.