Frequently Asked Questions | Do-it-yourself Immigration Software

What can Immigration Pixie do for me?

Immigration Pixie is a computer software application that can:
- Prepare all the immigration forms and paperwork and give you detailed, custom-made instructions on how to obtain permanent resident status (green card) based on a US citizen spouse, a US citizen parent, a US citizen stepparent and a US citizen child over 21.
- If you are a conditional permanent resident because you obtained a green card by marriage and your marriage was less than two years old at the time you became a permanent resident, Immigration Pixie can help you prepare all the paperwork necessary to remove the conditions on your residence.
- Verify if you qualify to apply for citizenship and if you do, prepare an application for naturalization together with our detailed custom-made instructions.
- Verify if you are already a US citizen and, if you are, help you prepare documentation to prove your US citizen status.
Immigration Pixie includes the latest versions for all US government forms and US government instructions for your convenience.
- Prepare an immigrant petition for a US citizen sibling.

How do I get started?

Please find the step-by-step instructions in our HOW IT WORKS page.
First of all, you should download and install the Immigration Pixie software using the link at the top of the page. Once you have the software installed on your hard drive, you will be able to access our detailed interviewing interface that will ask you a number of questions to identify what immigration benefits you are eligible for and what the best approach for you is. Each person seeking immigration benefits should create an immigration file and complete all question asked with his/her personal details. The questions asked refer to the person seeking immigration benefits, not to his/her US citizen relative!

Once you are done answering all the questions asked, Immigration Pixie will have a complete picture of your individual circumstances and will either offer to prepare all your immigration paperwork and detailed instructions (for a small fee) or refer you to an immigration attorney for an evaluation.

Does Immigration Pixie use the latest versions for all the forms generated?

We at Pixie Applications LLC are automatically notified every time there is a change in any of the government immigration forms or regulations and try to release a new version of our software within 48 hours with the new government forms/regulations. You can access updates to the Immigration Pixie software from within the Immigration Pixie application.

NOTE: Sometimes the government makes minor changes to forms but still accepts the older versions of the forms. In those cases, we may postpone releasing a new version of our software until a bit later, so as to include multiple fixes and avoid bothering our customers with constant updates that are more frequent than necessary.

Is my personal information secure?

Immigration Pixie is a downloadable computer software application. Thus, none of your personal information is transmitted over the internet. In other words, Immigration Pixie gives you the highest possible degree of privacy with your personal information, unlike a web-based interface in which your information is transmitted and stored over the internet.

How much does Immigration Pixie cost?

You can use Immigration Pixie to answer the questions asked for free. After you complete all the questions, Immigration Pixie will let you know if your case is one that it can handle or not. If Immigration Pixie can help you with your case, you will have to purchase a license before being able to receive detailed instructions and the completed PDF forms you need to file. You can purchase a license by clicking on the Buy link at the top of the page.

At this time, we offer three types of licenses as follows:

* The Standard Edition license allows you to use Immigration Pixie and all future updates for 180 days from the date of purchase. You can only use the software for one prospective immigrant (called beneficiary). You will need to choose the beneficiary's country of birth and date of birth, along with the operating system that you will be using to run Immigration Pixie. The Standard Edition Serial number will permit you to use Immigration Pixie to generate forms and instructions only for the person with the country of birth and date of birth that you selected, and only for the Operating System that you selected. If you would like to prepare forms for more than one person, you can buy multiple licenses and input all the Serial Numbers generated to the Immigration Pixie application.

* The Extended Edition license is exactly like the Standard Edition license, but allows you to use Immigration Pixie and all future updates for seven years from the date of purchase. If you are just starting now your immigration journey to the United States, the Extended Edition license can help you apply for permanent resident status (green card), remove the conditions of your green card two years later (if necessary) and apply for citizenship a couple more years later when you are eligible. In other words, buying the Extended Edition license handles all of your US immigration needs from beginning to end - until you obtain US citizenship.

* The Unlimited Edition license allows you to use Immigration Pixie and all future updates for twelve months from the date of purchase, for an unlimited number of prospective immigrants (beneficiaries). The Unlimited Edition is recommended for immigration professionals that handle a large number of immigration applications. You can renew your Unlimited Edition license after the twelve month period with a discount that is to be determined.

Our prices are extremely competitive - click BUY for more details.

What are the System Requirements for running Immigration Pixie?

The Immigration Pixie application is available for Mac and Windows. The windows version requires Windows XP or later (XP/Vista/Windows 7). The mac version requires MacOS X 10.4 or later and can run on both Intel and PowerPC macs.

How can Immigration Pixie know what kind of assistance I need?

Immigration Pixie has a unique and very thorough interviewing system designed to cover all possible immigration circumstances. As you answer more and more questions, new questions will appear that depend on your previous responses. After answering all the questions asked, Immigration Pixie will perform the following steps:
* Verify whether you are already a US citizen and you don't know it - it happens occasionally!
* If you are not a permanent resident, verify whether you have an immediate relative who is a US citizen and can petition for you.
* If you are a conditional permanent resident, verify if you qualify to remove the conditions on your residence, and if you do, prepare all needed paperwork.
* If you are already a permanent resident, verify whether you qualify to apply for US citizenship.

In addition to the above, Immigration Pixie will examine if there are any special circumstances with your case that would make it necessary for you to visit an immigration attorney for a consultation.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Yes. You need to answer all the questions if you want Immigration Pixie to be able to prepare all the forms you may need to file and detailed instructions on what you need to do next. Those forms are often over thirty pages long and answering the questions asked takes much longer than figuring out what forms are needed and manually inputting the information yourself. If you have all your documents in order you should be able to answer all questions asked within less than an hour in most cases.

What if I don't know the answer to a question?

Some of the questions asked can be difficult to answer. If you are unsure, you should take a look at the help file by clicking on the help button on the page on which the question appears and see if the help provides any useful information for your case. If you still have questions, you should consult with an immigration attorney - that's why lawyers are there for. Always be truthful when answering the questions. Lying on an immigration form can have extremely severe consequences.

What if my case is really complicated?

Immigration law is very complicated and each person's case is different. Immigration Pixie can't handle every conceivable case, but is programmed to look for red flags and unusual circumstances. If your case is unusual and beyond what Immigration Pixie can handle, you will be referred to an immigration lawyer.

How can I find an immigration lawyer?

A good start is the AILA. You can look for an immigration lawyer at

What are other possible uses of this software?

In addition to preparing forms, the Immigration Pixie application offers an excellent means to save your immigration details for future reference or to share your immigration files with others, such as friends or lawyers. If you are a permanent resident and hope to apply for US citizenship in the future, you can keep your immigration file updated with your personal information to aid with your future citizenship application. You can record any change in your address, employment, marital status and the dates for all your overseas trips, so that when the time comes to apply for citizenship, your forms can be generated with just a few mouse clicks!