How it works | Immigration Pixie | Do-it-yourself Immigration Software

Step 1: Download and Install Immigration Pixie Software
Step2: Input your information and Verify your input
Step3: Check if Immigration Pixie is ready to serve you before any payment
Step4: Input the Serial Number and get the custom-made instruction
Step5: Print the forms and other documents
Step6: Mail the application
Step 1: Download and Install Immigration Pixie for Mac or Windows - it's free to download.

Step 2: Input your personal information, then click the Verify button to check and correct all errors Error!.
Immigration Pixie software will generate more related questions based on what you have inputted. Each person seeking immigration benefits should create a separate immigration file and complete all question asked with his/her own personal details. Continue editing until each page shows a green check Checked! .

Step 3: Click the Advice button to see if Immigration Pixie can prepare your paperwork.
Immigration Pixie will evaluate your case and either direct you to an immigration attorney or offer to prepare detailed, custom-made instructions and completed immigration forms for your case. If you decide to use Immigration Pixie for your case, you should purchase a license from this website for a small fee.

Step 4: Input a serial number and read the custom-made instructions that Immigration Pixie has prepared for you.

Step 5: Print the completed government-approved immigration forms that Immigration Pixie has prepared for you.
Immigration Pixie will automatically: - choose the forms for your case - fill out the forms - prepare custom-made instructions - prepare a custom-made cover letter with a list of supporting evidence - tell you when, what and where to mail your package - tell you what to expect afterwards

Step 6: Mail the forms and supporting materials.
Follow the instructions and the cover letter, and mail your package (including the cover letter, completed forms and required initial evidence).

Extra Features: Immigration Pixie offers many other useful features:
such as the ability to to check the status of your case; to find civil surgeons in your area; to evaluation the evidence you have to show a good faith marriage; to check if a joint sponsor is needed; and to create pre-filled files for other family members by clicking on the Family button.

Sample file generated by Immigration Pixie software:

Instructions (page 1-6); Cover Letter (page 7-8); Forms (page 9-34); Official Photo Specifications (page 35-41).
The file can reach 300 pages in some cases if you choose to add all the official immigration guides.

A sample of the PDF file generated by Immigration Pixie Software