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Immigration Pixie is a downloadable immigration software application for Mac and Windows that can provide immigration guidance and completed immigration forms for those seeking family-based US immigration benefits. Immigration Pixie is the only immigration software product that can automatically choose what forms are relevant to each person's unique circumstances and create custom-made, personalized instructions.

Download now to try out Immigration Pixie for free or visit the How It Works page or read the How_to_Use_Immigration_Pixie.pdf file to see step-by-step instructions on how Immigration Pixie works.

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At the moment Immigration Pixie can assist you:

Gree Card by Marriage   Gree Card for Parents   Citizenship for Children   Green Card for Siblings   Naturalization, Apply for US citizenship

Green Card by Marriage


Green Card for Parents


Citizenship for Children


Green Card for Siblings


Become a US Citizen

Obtain a green card based on a spouse who is a US citizen or a US permanent resident;

Remove the conditions for Conditional Permanent Residents

  Obtain a green card based on a US citizen child over 21   Obtain a green card or US citizenship based on a US citizen parent;

Prepare an immigrant petition for a US citizen child when the child is over 21 and/or married
  Prepare an immigrant petition for a US citizen sibling   Verify if you are already a US citizen and help you obtain proof of citizenship;

Verify if you qualify to apply for citizenship and prepare an application for naturalization

What can Immigration Pixie do for you?

The Immigration Pixie software can prepare tens of different immigration forms, including DS-230, DS-2029, DS-3032, G-325A, G-1145, I-9, I-130, I-131, I-485, I-751, I-765, I-864, I-864A, I-864EZ, I-864P, I-864W, M-476, M-617, M-618, N-400 and others. It includes the latest versions for all US government forms and US government instructions for your convenience.

You don't need to worry about which USCIS forms you need - the software will help you choose the appropriate immigration forms applying to your individual circumstances.

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    Marriage Evidence

    Evaluate whether you have sufficient evidence that you married in good faith

    Immigrant petitions for spouses require evidence that the marriage was done in good faith. Immigration Pixie uses a special algorithm to calculate the strength of your evidence, in order to give you an idea of whether the evidence you have is sufficient. While this algorithm is intended just for illustrative purposes, it gives you an idea of where your case stands.
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    Joint Sponsor

    Check if a Joint Sponsor is needed

    Immigration Pixie can verify whether a petitioner's income and assets are sufficient to allow the beneficiary to immigrate to the United States. If not, Immigration Pixie will automatically ask that you find a joint sponsor that can guarantee to support the immigrant with his/her income and assets should the need arise.
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    Automatically prepare all the forms that apply to your case

     1  List of all the qualifying relatives who can sponsor your immigration;    2  List of available options;   3  List of all the immigration forms with instructions, the cover letter and other documents that you need for your case;   4  Print the documents or save as a PDF file;   5  Choose whether to have the forms dated;   6  Use regular mail or FedEx;   7  Use the default cover letter or customize it;   8  Explain the purpose of each document selected.
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    Output File

    Quick glance at a pdf file created by Immigration Pixie

    Here is a sample file generated by Immigration Pixie: Instructions (page 1-6); Cover Letter (page 7-8); Forms (page 9-34); Official Photo Specifications (page 35-41).

    All forms are created in the PDF format. The file can reach 300 pages in some cases if you choose to add all the official immigration guides.
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    View custom-made instructions tailored to your case

    Sample instructions generated by Immigration Pixie, explaining what the applicant needs to do, what to expect after mailing the application and how to deal with commonly encountered issues.
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    Cover Letter

    Prepare a custom-made cover letter

    Immigration Pixie also prepares a detailed cover letter that lists all the supporting material that you will need to include with your application. On the top of the cover letter, you can see the address to which your forms should be mailed to.
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    Form Sample

    A sample form created by Immigration Pixie ready for you to sign

    Sample form prepared by Immigration Pixie
    Immigration Pixie chooses the forms that apply to your case and completes them with your personal information. When you print out the forms, they are ready for you to review and sign.
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    Civil Surgeon

    Find your local immigration doctors

    All non-immigrants located in the United States that want to adjust adjust status to permanent resident will need to schedule an appointment for a medical examination by a civil surgeon before applying for adjustment of status. Immigration Pixie can find the designated USCIS civil surgeons located in your area in the United States by providing your US zip code.
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    Case Status

    Check the case status of a case pending with a USCIS office

    If you have your 13-character application receipt number, you can check the status of an immigration case pending with USCIS from within the Immigration Pixie software.
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    Family Files

    Create new immigration files for other relatives

    Immigration Pixie uses a separate immigration file for each person that is seeking immigration benefits. But often, two or more related people are both seeking immigration benefits. Immigration Pixie saves you time by using the presently open immigration file as a basis for creating new immigration files for the parents, spouses or children of the person whose immigration file is presently open.

Why choose Immigration Pixie:

- Because it helps you save thousands of dollars in legal fees
- Because it saves you time in researching forms and legal requirements and meeting lawyers or other immigration professionals
- Because it reduces your workload as you don't have to input the same information again and again for different immigration forms
- Because unlike web-based immigration software, our software ensures that your personal information stays 100% private, as all your information stays on your own computer
- Because you don't need to purchase a serial number until the software has verified all your information and confirmed that the software is suitable for you
- Because you can't go wrong with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - or your money back!
- Because in addition to preparing forms, the Immigration Pixie software offers an excellent means to save your immigration details for future reference or to share your immigration files with others, such as relatives or lawyers.